Volume 2 Teasers
Here's a sneak peek of Kasumi, vol.2. These pages are taken from chapter 3. Kasumi is hoping to dig up more information about the "Gifted" and the Prophesy that Ryuuki's been talking about and she doesn't take "no" for an answer.^_^


Creating a character
Welcome to the sneak peek section on "how do you create a character?"!

Characters play very important roles in creating a story and the world you're trying to build. Personally, if I can't find a character that fits the world that I have in mind, the story doesn't come alive. The growth of the character, the trials and tribulations, his or her interactions with others are part of the weave that forms the fabric of a rich, wonderful story. We need to feel for them, be it, in sympathy, in love or in hate. It's because of our intense feelings, that we feel the urge to read and see what happens next.

Part 1: What's in a name?

When I was creating Kasumi, I spent many days thinking about the names of my characters. I feel that names hold a magic power. It gives the character identity and if chosen with his/her personality or an intent in mind, would bring forth the complete essence of the person. Below are the main characters and the meanings to their names:

Kasumi (かすみ):
It means "Beautiful Mist". I felt it was very appropriate because of Kasumi’s ability to become invisible and her ability, through Kamiki’s powers, to call on the mist and kami-lights to help her. It also shows her initial character which was her need to blend into the school and make friends. Kasumi starts as the unlikely, unsure hero, who would rather play tricks and run away than face the consequences. Because of this, she would rather “disappear” and is does when her wish is answered.

Ryuuki (竜木):
It means “Dragon Tree”. He’s a powerful person who is calm and silent. He’s a loner, observer and doesn't like to get involved with others. He’s also strong and intelligent and dignified. But as a Dragon he's also prone to sudden outburst of emotions, such as anger and frustration.

Yuuta (祐太):
It means “Hero”. Yuuta has the potential of becoming a selfless hero. After meeting Kasumi, he comes out of his shell and begins to show his true character and strength. He has high ideals to protect the weak and tries to see the positive in everyone. Also, he is an avid, otaku fan and loves super hero comics and all things super hero.

Maiko (舞子):
It means “Dancing child”. Maiko loves to dance and has the ability to call the kami-lights to dance with her. She's childlike, blissfully happy and unaware of what others think of her. Like a child, she has low attention span and is always spacing out. She loves books, toys and snacks. Her name also gives her a sense of beauty and grace.

Reina (麗奈):

It means “Jewel”. She's the elite class, the beautiful jewel, the only daughter and heir of the Takemoto empire, extremely wealthy, gorgeous, arrogant and spoilt. Also, like the jewel, she's superficial and looks down on others unlike her.


Volume 1 Teasers

Are you curious to see what Kasumi vol.1 is about? Here're some teaser pages from Chapter 3 to get you started. Here's the background story...Kasumi takes up Reina's challenge and agrees to perform her magic acts in front of Ryuuki and her classmates. The challenge is to obtain Ryuuki's approval to stay in Seiran. But things are not going the way Kasumi planned...will she succeed or will she be forced to leave? (Oh! By the way, Kasumi manga is read from right to left like a Japanese manga.)

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Page 4 ...................Page 5 ........................Page 6

Page 7 ...................Page 8


Creating a Manga

Creating a manga can be quite confusing and challenging when you are trying to meet your deadlines. When we were creating Kasumi - volume 1, Sugimoto-san, Harumi and I followed the following steps for each Chapter. These key steps help guide us and allow us to properly estimate the amount of time we needed to complete each Chapter. ^_^!


Chapter Story Script

Chapter Storyboard


Chapter Sketches

Chapter Inking


Background, Toning &
Sound Effects

Completed with

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