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Missing in action

First of…I want to apologize for disappearing from the face of the earth. >_< I just checked my last blog and OMG! The last time I said anything was in July… *sigh* Forgive me for being a poor communicator. Things have been crazy here the past few months…

Just to back track a little, ever since I got back from Asia, I was struck with the worst case of throat infection EVER. It didn’t help that my docs diagnose me wrongly. TOTALLY! Seriously, I could consider suing but whatever. I don’t have the time for that.

Anyways, turns out after months of suffering, i had fungus in my throat. YUCK! you say. Tell me about it…Thank goodness it is over. I was reading online that one of the reasons why I kept falling sick again and again was because I was not resting enough…

So anyways, now that I am back, I’ll try to upload the rest of the fan art as soon as I can. Please be patient a little longer…*Surt bows deeply* Domo arigato!

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