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Here’s the translation to Sugimoto-san’s blog entry:

I went to the shop that handled the mid-century United States furniture and miscellaneous goods the other day. It is for research of culture at that time and atmosphere.

Instead of taking a picture of the store and leaving, I decided to take a turn deliberately to see the inside of the store.

Large-scale..building..huge..store..all..retro..import..miscellaneous goods..overflow..inside..miscellaneous goods..category..exceed..thing..provide.

For instance, there were things, such as a gas can, and gas station and a road traffic sign, a parking meter, and a streetlight. They seeming are all valuable things obtained with proper channels. The design is very beautiful. The things in that age provide only one function for one tool is more exciting when designed and used for another.

I was satisfied of the shop as it was guided by a well informed beautiful woman clerk about the history background of the design and the miscellaneous goods of the shop for about two hours.

I bought one plate there. I took a photograph below. My office has become a parking lot except (Sunday is excluded. )haha

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