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Spring Weather

Hi everyone,

here’s the translation to Sugimoto-san’s blog post:

Spring Weather

Two volumes were put on the market the other day. I’m glad because everyone will have the chance to read about the many new characters in volume 2.

When the distance is short, I like to move around on my bicycle. I’ve used it for about 6 or 7 years. It’s a foldable bicycle named dibrasi. I like it very much. Especially, as the carrier is kawaii. I feel good [ku] on dibrasi. The sky cleared up well the other day and we went shopping together. I felt the bud of spring and felt good.

Dibrasi makes the sound [baki] [tto] when I ride and it felt good when my bicycle zoomed [ku] passed a group of junior high school students on their school trip. They were probably thinking that a drunken man was riding a bicycle.  The bicycle started to stutter and it starts and stops and starts again. At first I didn’t understand what was happening. The pedal broke and flew off. It broke as a result of overworking for a long time.  I was laughed by the group of junior high school students and when I tried to get on it but was impossible [yakotowari], a stranger said “Safe” and it was very embarrassing…

I treated to an interesting sense the other day though I jogged every day at night. There was a power failure that day or perhaps the streetlight by chance was not working. It was pitch-dark except for the moon above. The moonlight shone on the road brightly and seeing only moonlight with the view of the streetlight in the distance. In the almost pitch-dark situation and the smell of some flowers… my sense of equilibrium disappears…with the music of [yasushihiroshi] Kobayashi (COBA) that flows from my iPod. It was very mysterious though I ran into the light of the streetlight soon, when I reached it and I had returned to the usual jog. It was an indescribable feeling.

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