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Spring is in the Air

I thought I would continue with the same line of thought as Sugimoto-san. >_< Spring is really in the air and so is the pollen. I was walking with baby G the other day and I caught a whiff of something. All of a sudden I’m sneezing like crazy. It was insane I tell you. Every 2 minutes the neighborhood will ring with the reverberations of my sneezing and baby G just laughs. He thinks it’s hilarious whilst poor me here…trying to hold back another loud one. :p

In our home, we are gadget crazy. I guess we need to be if we want to be ahead of times. Stanley, my husband, is a game designer and he needs to have the latest console, TV and whatnot. We just got ourselves an “Apple TV” last night. It is like an ipod for the TV. What I really liked about it is that it has all the latest TV shows. Even though we have a TiVo, we tend to miss the shows and it’s cool to have it at your fingertips as and when you want it. The only bad thing about it…is that darn it’s $1.99 per show?!!! That’s crazy. I could wait for Netflix but it’s too long…We have been hooked on 30Rock and I wanted to see the 3rd Season now rather than wait for the dvds. So, iTunes win – 1:0.

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