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We are so excited that we’re getting fan art!!! ^_^ I’ve been getting emails from our fans and it’s really great to know that there are readers who love Kasumi! It makes all the hard work that Sugimoto-san and I went through all the more rewarding. :)

I heard from my editor today. She said that Kasumi, vol.2 is going through reorders. We started at 8000 copies and now we’re at 10,000 copies! Yes!! It’s really exciting. Del Rey is real happy too and I hope that means that we can go for vol.3? At the moment, we’re in a wait and see stage which is sad but can’t be helped considering the bad economy that we’re having now. So, because of that, we have to say – THANK YOU KASUMI FANS for supporting us!! Arigatogozaimasu!! (bow) (bow) (bow)

Recently, whilst waiting for Kasumi, vol.2’s release, I’ve been working on writing a book. A little side project to pass time. We shall see how that goes. Sugimoto-san, on the other hand, has been working on Cate West 2 – The Velvet Keys. It’s a game that is created by Gamenauts, Inc (www.gamenauts.com) and Sugimoto-san is responsible for creating the story scenes. Here’s a picture of one of the scenes that Sugimoto-san had created. Ain’t it cool? You can try out the game for free at this link and click download: http://www.gamenauts.com/games/catewest2.html.

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