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Kasumi’s hottest guys

A long time ago i had mentioned that i was going to list my favorite guys in Kasumi. i had to wait a while before i could finally reveal this! ^_^ i didn’t want to spoil the fun so early then but now’s not a problem cos vol.2 will be out within the month! So here’s my vote on my favs:

1. Ryuuki – my all time favorite – dark, brooding, the loner type who actually cares for people but doesn’t like to show it. I think some readers might have the wrong idea about him. It’s true he didn’t save Kasumi from the RSF but that’s the aloof, selfish side of him. The good side is that he really does care but doesn’t want Kasumi to be caught up in his world. He is one of elite so he behaves in an elite way…but then…if he’s so perfect, there will be nothing for him to change. *hehehe*

2. Seiji – the flirt with a brain. Don’t let his good looks and his groupies and playboy ways fool you. There’s more to him than meets the eye. I think he gives Ryuuki a run for the money. It’s hard for me to decide but i always like my guys with black hair!

3. The mysterious guy in vol.3 preview – I’ve a thing for the bad boys and that’s all i can say. i didn’t show him here cos it would be a spoiler.

As for the rest of the guys, they’re all cool but not boyfriend material for me. That being said, Yuuta (heard he’s really popular among the readers) is super nice and totally dependable and Isamu is the quiet, giant knight/samurai. As for Tsutomu, anyone would want to have a little bro like that and then again maybe not…especially when he’s pulling one of his pranks on you. :p

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