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Kasumi vol.2 out late March 2009!

To all Kasumi fans! Just wanted all of you to know that Kasumi vol.2 will be out late March 2009. You can start preordering Kasumi 2 on Amazon if you like. I’ll post more on the main site with sneak peeks in a few days. So, hang in there and thanks again for your support!! ^_^

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A new addiction…

Of all the things to like…never would i expect that i would like to read about vampires. No one was more afraid of vampires than yours truly. Gosh…i can still remember putting a small pillow over my neck every night when i slept. Seriously…me and vampires are like me and leeches. What does that mean? Nothing really, just that i hate both of them and get jitters just thinking of it.

So, when i heard about the popular series “Twilight”, i was very reluctant to read it. Even though i’ve heard lots of people talking about it and raving about how good it is. I just couldn’t do it and wouldn’t even dare the synopsis. >_< But, curiousity kills the cat and when the movie came out, i thought i would check out the reviews. And then…BAM! I was hooked and since then…i’ve read all 4 books twice in a week! Hahahaa!

I think what’s appealing about Twilight is that it’s a romance novel for the teen (- the “R” rating) + superpower cool. Who wouldn’t want to be a superhero? Just like who wouldn’t want to be a “Kasumi”? ^_^ By the way…because of my addiction…i even managed to find a babysitter to watch “Twilight”!! That’s a big deal cos I’ve not seen a movie in 6 months!! Alrightee….Twilight otaku signing off! :p

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