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It’s been a while…

Hi to all our friends and fans!

Sorry i’ve been kindna out of touch lately. ^_^ Lots of things have beenĀ going onĀ and i’ve been kept super busy. We’ve a new addition to our family and here’s his picture below. ^_^ His name is Gabriel and he’s a cutie. Anyways, i shall not continue or i’ll never stop.

Kasumi, vol.2, is almost done. We’re in our final stretch and boy are the deadlines looming fast! Sugimoto-san has been pulling all nighters and dayters (if there’s such a word…:p) and we’re going to make it cos “Goonies never say die!” *hahaha*…nostalgia…

i’m getting excited myself because the pieces are finally coming together. i’m working on the last chapter dialogue and trying to focus on keeping it interesting and stop myself from adding jokes that only i find funny. *harhar* Stanley always shakes his head when he edits my work. i should learn from past experiences when i had to explain the jokes and he’s still not laughing…hmm…

Oh! Fall is finally here and daylight savings should be coming up soon. Darn! Time is flying too fast. i’ve not had the chance to decorate for Halloween yet! Today is the first day it rained in many, many months. i think i might have mentioned before…rain makes me extremely happy. i can smell the fresh cold air after the rain and it’s invigorating me. So, i’m going to finish up my dialogues now…so till then…adieu! ^_^

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