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When it rains…it pours…

I’m really bad at idioms…I hope I got that title right. :p Our deadline for Kasumi, vol.2 is looming closer and there’s still so much to be done! *slightly stressed*. Sugimoto-san is working round the clock to get all those wonderful chapter sketches inked. It didn’t help that Surt-san had dropped a “bomb” on him and told him that she is changing the sequence of the chapters and thus some of the sketches. Yeah…I’m the bad guy. *sigh* Trust me…this was not an easy decision, being that we’re this far in our project.

These changes will make Kasumi rise to another level and weave the themes and stories so much tighter. We’re already seeing the difference with the changes we made and I’ve no regrets. Kasumi is becoming more and more magical with each drop of ink. :)

I’m trying to be ahead of my game too especially since I’m going to be out of commission soon with our baby… :) So, I’m being proactive and adding the dialogue as Sugimoto-san works on the inking. Usually, I would wait till the end but I want to get as much done earlier than later… since I’m told that I would probably be too exhausted for anything after. :p Here’s a sample from chapter 4 that I’m working on. Even though it’s a sketch, it already looks great!

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Up, up and away!

It’s been about 2 weeks since Kasumi’s launch. Who would have thought this day would finally come. It’s official, I’m a manga writer! :) We spent the past weeks checking out bookstores and looking for Kasumi. I’m so proud of it that I want to tell everyone that this is our book but in the end…I’m always too embarassed to say anything. ^_^;

Sugimoto-san and I are so happy and are still amazed to have the book in our hands. I really wish from the bottom of my heart that Kasumi will be embraced by all. There’s so much of Kasumi that exists in all of us and I hope that everyone will feel the pull and magic of Kasumi’s world. :)

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