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Way Back Into Love…


I’ve been looking for a song to inspire me…and my recent fav is “Way back into love” from the movie “Music and Lyrics”. Who would have thought a cliche, love movie like that could capture my heart and inspiration! *hahaha* I think there’s something special about it that I just can’t pin-point, which pulls me into that mood. Maybe it’s the doki doki feeling that I’m always looking for…the same feeling that I always look for when I read my shojo mangas…the same feeling I hope to give through Kasumi. :)

So, here I am playing the song over and over again…I wonder how many times I need to hear it to become sick of it? In the meantime, my creative juices are flowing again… Perhaps I should use it for my new story? Afterall, I’ve been working so hard on Kasumi that I deserve a break, don’t you think so too? :p

Oh, btw, check out the updates I made on the site. I’ll be updating it constantly from now onwards till Kasumi’s “THE DAY” of release. We’re really excited about it and are trying our best to promote Kasumi. I really wish everyone would give Kasumi a chance and hopefully to fall into Kasumi’s world and embrace its magic and mystery. *_*

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Kasumi’s Sakura hair clip

It’s finally here! We’re really excited about this…with good luck and great resourcefulness, we managed to create a real life-size model of Kasumi’s Sakura hair clip! And OMG! It’s super Kawaii! Here’s the initial concept design from start to finish:

Below is Kasumi and I’ve highlighted her Sakura hair clip.


Here’s Sugimoto-san’s initial design:

Here’s a high def version that we had sent to create the model. ^_^

And finally! The sample model!!


Yippee! Now that the sample is done, we can start making more of them! We’re thinking of giving them out as promo gifts to our manga fans! So stay tune to find out how you can get yourself a free Kasumi Sakura hair clip!! ^_^


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