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Kasumi Vol.2


I’ve been procrastinating long enough and I’m finally starting on the Chap 2 dialogue for vol.2. ^_^ I’m done with my manga reading, drama watching and rock band playing and now it’s time to get serious. Sugimoto-san had just shared some of his music with me and they will give me inspiration as I plough through the dialogue and typesetting. My newest fav music is by “The Indigo”. Their music gives me a light, happy feeling like waking up from a cotton-candy dream. ^_^

Oh yes! Sugimoto-san and I were discussing Chap5 sketches for vol.2 the other day and we both agree that vol.2 is turning out to be amazing. I know one should not self praise but seriously, vol. 2 is jammed packed with action, mystery and more than its share of new interesting characters. It’s because the story is moving with such pace that I’m having a writer’s block for Chap6. I’ve to make it even better than the rest because it’s afterall the final chapter and like all good stories and mangas, it has to end with a bang, right?! ^_^; ~~~stress~~~stress~~~stress~~~

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Rock Band

Wow…it’s been a while since I last posted. Ooops! ^_^ So…what’s new? Well…I’ve been into playing this new game called “Rock Band”  (http://www.rockband.com/). I’m not really a hard rock person but there’s something about this game that’s uber cool. I think it’s ‘cos you can sing, play the guitar or even be a drummer. Or maybe it’s ‘cos you can create your own character, perform with your band at various venues, travel in a rock band tour bus and perform at rock concerts! My first attempt was with the vocals and frankly, I sucked. Like I said…I’m not really a rock gal and the songs I sang sounded kinna whimpy. *haha*  Ah well…anyways, the guitar’s real cool and my new fav is the drums. We had to buy the rubber covers for the drums because the sound of wood hitting plastic and then bone ~~~ Ooowwuch ~~~~ ^_^; Alrightee…I’ll try to take a picture the next time and will post my character up. Her name is Sabi, by the way. :p Okay, later rock and rollers! PEACE!

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