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My favorite guy in Seiran is…

Creating Kasumi has been lots of fun. I think what’s more fun is watching Sugimoto-san create the deliciously, handsome and cool male characters. ;) I can’t even begin to describe how estatic I was to see the sketches of the guys that I had describe come to live in Kasumi, vol.1&2. Sugimoto-san is really good at portraying their emotions and hands down, Ryuuki is super-uber cool. So, I think you can guess who’s my all time fav guy. ;) Here’re some sneak peek moments:

  ryuuki1       ryuuki1 ryuuki1

Are you drooling already? :) Stay tune for more updates on my other top picks of cool guys in Seiran!

ps: In regards to Sugimoto-san’s question in his blog below about which incense scent I like…if there is a scent for the smell of fresh flowers after a rainy day…that’s the smell I like. :)


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