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Hi everyone!

Thanks for dropping by! I’m pleased to announce the launching of Kasumi manga blog! Sugimoto-san and I will drop by and share our thoughts and nonsence and will update kasumimanga.com with new and interesting titbits. So, bookmark this site and check us out! ^_^ 

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  1. Surt December 6th, 2007 5:15 pm

    The picture above is our inspiration for Seiran High – the school that Kasumi transfers to. Sugimoto-san created this vision from our thoughts and discussions on Skype. I wanted the school to be grand and high class. We searched through Yahoo! and Google looking for pictures and ideas of Japanese/Western Architecture. We wanted to ensure that this type of building could exist in Japan. Isn’t it a beautiful school! Kasumi was blown away by its grandness! Hahaha! *^_^*


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