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It’s Raining!

cuteshrineI’ve been having a writer’s block for several weeks now…nothing seems to click and I couldn’t find my music muse…but just now…it started to rain and something in me began to bloom… hahaha…figuratively :p…back to writing Vol2-chapter2! matta ne!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I wanted to show all of you Wabi’s picture. :) She’s our naughty little doggy. I was surprise that she was willing to wear the antlers…dogs would do anything for treats! *hehe* Wabi is an Aussie Shepherd and she’s 2 years old. She loves to play and her favorite things to do are to catch frisbies and soccer balls. We call her Wabi after the Japanese word – “Wabi Sabi” which means the imperfect beauty of nature…but frankly I think she’s more like “Wasabi” cos she is crazy hyper and run in circles all the time. >_<;

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Kasumi Debut Annoucement!

We’re so excited! Kasumi was announced to everyone at the NY Anime Fest! Here are some links:


http://www.icv2.com/articles/home/11742.html  (It’s “Kasumi” not “Kasami” :p) 



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Welcome to the World of Kasumi!


Hi everyone!

Thanks for dropping by! I’m pleased to announce the launching of Kasumi manga blog! Sugimoto-san and I will drop by and share our thoughts and nonsence and will update kasumimanga.com with new and interesting titbits. So, bookmark this site and check us out! ^_^ 

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